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Night Enchantress

Night Enchantress

Autor: Vítězslav Říčka
Nakladatelství: Blecha Lubomír
Počet stran: 201 stran
Jazyk: anglický
Formát: Nelze měnit formátování a velikost textu info
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Více o eKnize Night Enchantress

Czech author Vítězslav Říčka gives the fifth book called Night Enchantress. This book is translation of Czech book called Čarodějka nocí. Night Enchantress concludes poetic tour of two characters - farmer and enchantress. They meet together and fall in love. This story is about love between them and seeking themselves each other in various countries. Author makes effort to tell about two protagonists and their illusional stories in various poems. Story is also enriched by various situation of other characters in other poems. Author wrote the second book in English language and make effort to show all aspects of love in poetic story between two people.

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